Saw Refresher Training

December 17, 2018 @ 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm UTC Timezone

Operations Personnel,

Please read the following information regarding the upcoming saw refresher course that Captain Snyder has put together.

If ED leave is available on your shift, then you are welcome to contact your supervisor to secure it. There will be no additional leave being offered for the training.

Dates of the Training:
· Dec. 13th
· Dec. 14th
· Dec 17th.
Each of these days will be from 0830-1230 in the classroom at CARTA. Then we will leave from CARTA and drive to White Spar rd. Captain Snyder will give the address to the students on the day of the class. The total time for the class will be from 0830-1730.
The class is set up to be a refresher course and not a recertification course. This will allow people to just keep current on whatever level they are presently. This will meet the requirements for both the state and the Forest service standards.

0830-0845 Introductions and expectations
0845-0945 Safety Requirements and procedures
0945-1145 Cutting sequences/ operations
1145-1230 General maintenance and saw familiarization
1230-1330 Travel from CARTA to site(Lunch on your own)
1330-1630 Filed cutting/ skills development and review
1630-1730 Saw cleaning and sharpening/ re-ready

Equipment Needs:
4- Chainsaws
8- Chaps
4- full dolmars
4- falling axes

Student Needs:
Uniform & PPE(Including Helmet, gloves, pants, boots ear plugs and nomex shirt). Students will also need to bring a copy of their current red card with them to the class.

Once again this class is designed to be a refresher. Captain Snyder will not be there to work one on one with every single person for certifications. If somebody choses to get certified we can work on that a different day. Thank you to Charlie Reyes for hooking us up with the donor of the property and trees. There is plenty of parking on the property for the filed days.

Please give Captain Snyder a call with any questions.


John Feddema